Teacher of Piano and Singing, Music Theory, Choir Director and Vocal Coach, Composer and Arranger, Primary Education Music Specialist, Educational and Motivational Workshop Leader

Music brings people together; it should be fun, challenging both mentally and physically, spiritually uplifting and rewarding. But, most important of all, it should be open to everyone.

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“Jill Knight’s particular strength is her absolute dedication, energy, passion and enthusiasm for her subject.”
– Ruth and Richard Boulton, parents of three children at Manor Lodge School.

“Jill made a tremendous difference in the lives of the families at YWCA Munroe House*. She shared her love and knowledge of music with the women and children, giving them voice, piano and music lessons. More than that, Jill fostered a sense of community by holding group lessons and organizing and facilitating concerts for them to present what they had learned to each other, the staff and volunteers.
Jill was always a pleasure to work with. She possesses energy, enthusiasm and dedication and was always punctual and well-organized. But above all, it was Jill’s leadership abilities and vision that made her work at Munroe House such a success. She is very much missed by all the people whose lives she touched.”
– Lisa Rupert, Associate Director of Housing, YWCA, Metro Vancouver, Canada.
* A second-stage transition house for women who have experienced abuse from an intimate partner, and for their children.

“Jill Knight is a highly talented music director who has led Postif Chamber Choir with great enthusiasm and commitment. She sets realistic but challenging standards, displays great musicality and is always extremely well prepared.”
– Brian Martin, long-standing choir member.

“The song choice was excellent and the preparation put into each session is phenomenal. It’s one thing to play an instrument, but another to teach it with enthusiasm and inspire.” – Pam Simpson, “graduate” of March 2013 Beginners’ and October 2013 Refreshers’ Ukulele Courses